Cyber Communications Information System Department

Managing from the internal client to the server

History of interlocution: Early introduction of enhanced security with the biometric authentication

We originally managed the terminals and the servers with ID (employee number) and passwords. However, cases of ambiguous password management have been found here and there, for instance a staff asks for work to colleagues in-hour from the road. Therefore, it was an opportunity to use biometric authentication that we introduced UBF of the DDS products for security enhancement. In addition, Dentsu Group decided to introduce the international standard of information security management system ISO/IEC 17799 (current ISO/IEC 27002) and we adopted biometric authentication of more stringent. That was 2005. After that, we introduced EVE FA at the same time of updating OS to Windows 7 in 2011. One PC per person has been distributed to all employees. The number of terminals is about 800 units.

Course of introduction: Fingerprint data has also been migrated smoothly

In the updating work, data registered with UBF could be transferred smoothly. We expected a lot of work but we could carry it out by ourselves by referring to the manual. Fingerprint data used with UBF will be converted to data for EVE FA by using the converter. Once we entered the command, then the work had been completed by the next morning. Updating of PCs will continue in order until next spring when the support of XP is discontinued. By establishing two servers, a single set of fingerprint data is sufficient. There were not major introduction problems, except a case where the login screen disappeared due to a question of the order for installing software, if you come right down to it. In that case, the modified version had quickly been supplied by DDS. Introduction started around August 2011 and the operation has started in November of the same year.

Changes after introduction: Management becomes easier. Authentication migration without any stress

After FA has been introduced, it becomes more convenient that the administrative screen is unified. Since employees use different software, in case of UBF, it was necessary to launch different software for checking at the time of registering individual configuration to be permitted with fingerprint authentication. In case of FA, it is comfortable that the operation can be done on a single screen. Management also becomes easier. Employees do not feel embarrassment due to change of procedure after changing from UBF to EVE FA. Embarrassment of change from Windows XP to Windows 7 may be larger. (Laughter) We think that the employees never mind about changing the authentication procedure. It is appreciated in terms of the cost that the hardware can be used as UBF even though the software is updated.

Future prospects: Considering support to the thin client and the cloud system

We intend to introduce biometric authentication for thin clients and cloud systems. It seems that it can be introduced easily as long as the same software is used throughout the company, but employees use different software actually. It is a challenge for us to overcome that issue.


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Cyber Communications Information System Department
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