Chichibu City, Saitama Prefecture

SSO is materialized with 14 mission-critical business system having different specifications.
Large-scale regular transfer information can be processed seamlessly.
Personnel are released from work for managing multiple passwords and manual maintenance supports.

Chichibu City Office has updated their mission critical business system in 2010, and introduced the IC card system for authenticating new systems.
However, our study at the time if system installation was insufficient so that there was no uniformity for managing SSO and personnel’ ID information, which are necessary in terms of security, maintenance and convenience.
At first, the authentication mechanisms had been different for the respective 14 systems and IC card authentication was actually available in only therr systems and we were forced to apply password management for the other systems. In that case, personnel needed to remember different passwords for the respective responsible businesses. Since the respective systems had different policies, it was very troublesome for personnel to remember them.
Another problem was the ID issue. Although IDs could be updated in conjunction with the human resources system previously, they became to have to be maintained manually. We started our study for solving these problems since fiscal year 2011.

SSO is available on multiple business systems
EVE MA having high affinity with both the human resources system and the ID management system has been introduced.

There are many systems. It was the most important issue to introduce a system supporting SSO! It is not preferable that passwords are distributed in many places from the viewpoint of security and convenience. Since there was no mechanism for managing password changes, it was impossible to change passwords that had been set initially. In spite of introducing the ID card for improving security, its vulnerability was uncovered. In case of EVE MA, the reason for introducing the system was that passwords could be updated freely at once. Before introducing the system, since holding the status of the IC card was also ambiguous, it was necessary to provide a ledger and match them one-by-one before distributing additional cards or collecting.
A massive personnel change is executed once a year in the municipal office, and it is required to quickly provide a mechanism for providing authentication information as incorporating personnel data and a mechanism for controlling the access right of the authentication system within about one week from the unofficial announcement to the personnel. It was a decisive factor for introducing EVE MA that it has extremely high affinity with these two systems. SSO can be effective only when IDs are neatly organized.

Quick correspondence to failures at the time of verification. The system has been introduced within a short time span of 5 months and there are so far no trouble.

At the time of introduction, some applications were not verified yet. Personnel of DSS had visited to us for verifying some of them that could not be evaluated and were then verified by the dealer. As a result of the verification, a certain application has unique specifications and could not be operated with DDS’s software. However, after quick modification, investigation on the 1st day and modification on the 2nd day, EVE MA became capable of supporting the software. It is wonderful that a platform corresponding without revising the existing applications is available.
The personnel system and the ID management system had been established in April 2012. In May, we requested that DSS solve problems on the mission-critical system for the first time. We had a plan to operate our mission-critical system by using EVE MA in October. It was a very tight schedule. We were briefed with a sufficient explanation during the demonstration, and there are no problems, even though it was somewhat prepared for.

The authentication system and the ID synchronize completely. Security at the windows handling multiple services will be strong.

The most important issue is that the authentication system and the ID management system synchronize securely. Unlike work carried out by human, the system can execute the work securely without errors. Unlike previous cases, suspicious accounts and suspicious IC cards may not remain at all. These accounts and cards will be rejected inevitably
and will work for revising authentication of ID cards according to the regular personnel change. The operation flow from the personnel information system to the ID management system – EVE MA is operated almost seamlessly, and it is not necessary to request the departments using the mission-critical subsystems to submit ledger sheets of addition/deletion information of authorities of individual personnel. Since it used to be a manual operation, some errors might occur. The work period was only one week, and it could not be completed by April 1 even if the personnel worked through the night. It is currently completed within the normal working hours.
Another issue was the window. In Chichibu City, there is a local agency that is called a general branch office. A single section handles multiple administrative services and operates many mission-critical systems at the same time. This is where the true value of the SSO is questioned. Before that, multiple passwords were sent with the groupware whenever personnel changes were executed. Since a single staff in charge had to handle multiple passwords, the management became insufficient. Currently only a single IC card is sufficient for supporting all services, the confidentiality has been improved.
Another topic is the active directory. No ledger is required. We always used to execute revision of the ledger, the system and the card as a set, but now it is enough to revise the system managing ID and control whether a card is valid or invalid only. It can be materialized because of the fact that EVE MA, the ID management system and the IC card are interworking each other.

We expect it expandability responding to trends of legal reform.

One of merits of EVE MA is the fact that the system can be used for various authentication factor. We can choose various directionalities, such as the biometric authentication and IC card authentication. We may change or add any other authentication factors in future. For version upgrading, we will consider as assessing the trend of large legal reform. If there is a legal reform, horizontal cooperation among the systems becomes important. Therefore, expandability of EVE MA will be highly appreciated.


Name of municipality
Chichibu City, Saitama Prefecture
8-15, Kumagai-machi, Chichibu City, Saitama Prefecture
Name of the Mayer
Mr. Kuniyasu Kuki
City of about 67,000 people in the Chichibu region, northwestern part of Satsuma Prefecture. The area of about 578km2, it is the largest municipality in Saitama Prefecture.
The city locates in a range of about 60 to 80km from the center of Tokyo. Eighty-seven persent of the area is forest. The area has been specified in the area of Chichibu Tama Kai National Park and prefectural natural parks of Book and West Chichibu etc. It is in a region blessed with a natural environment.

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