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Jan 2012 Relocated the headquarters to Marunouchi Naka-ku Nagoya from Meieki Nishi-ku Nagoya.
Jun 2009 Relocated the headquarters to Meieki Nishi-ku Nagoya from Meiekiminami Nakamura-ku Nagoya.
Aug 2007 Initiated the development of “next generation door lock security system” through industry-university collaboration with Miwa Lock Co., Ltd. and Nagoya University. PDFダウンロード
Jul 2007 Formed a marketing alliance with Intelligent Wave Inc. on information leakage countermeasure solutions. PDFダウンロード
May 2007 Formed an alliance with Gyrowalk Inc., a robot related company. PDFダウンロード
Apr 2007 Started selling a new product, the “EVE” series, which integrates a diversity of personal authentication methods. Certified as a Microsoft Gold Partner. PDFダウンロード
Mar 2007 Formed an alliance with Brycen Co., Ltd., an embedded database maker. PDFダウンロード
Feb 2007 Formed an alliance with Mobim Technologies Co. (U.S.), a venture company focusing on mobile video distribution algorithms. PDFダウンロード
Nov 2006 Commercialized and started manufacturing in-car one-seg tuners. PDFダウンロード
Nov 2006 Formed an alliance with DigitalSecu Co., Ltd. (Korea), a log management security maker. PDFダウンロード
Jul 2006 Split stock 3-for-one PDFダウンロード
Jun 2006 Jointly developed “an authentication algorithm for e-commerce on an anonymous basis” with the Research Center for Advanced Science and Technologies and Solcom Co., Ltd. PDFダウンロード
May 2006 Released “UBF-mini,” a USB memory type fingerprint authentication unit. Opened DDS Shanghai. PDFダウンロード
Mar 2006 Formed an alliance with SuperPix Micro Technology Ltd. (Virgin Islands, U.K.), a CMOS image sensor maker. PDFダウンロード
Feb 2006 Established DDS Korea, Inc. (Seoul, Korea), a subsidiary, wholly owned by DDS. PDFダウンロード
Dec 2005 Nomura Securities Co., Ltd. fully paid for new stocks allocated on December 27, 2005. Increased capital stock to 955.25 million yen.
Nov 2005 Listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange Mothers in Nov. 28, 2005. Increased capital stock to 885.12 million yen.
May 2005 Relocated the headquarters to Meiekiminami Nakamura-ku Nagoya from Otobashi Nakagawa-ku Nagoya.
Mar 2005 Increased capital stock to 254 million yen.
Apr 2004 Expanded the business with additional two business lines: Engineering business and Advanced Products business.
Oct 2002 Initiated a joint research on next generation error correction techniques with Matsumoto lab. at the University of Oulu, Finland.
Sep 2002 Opened the Tokyo branch office at Akasaka, Tokyo as a base for sales and development.
Jun 2002 Initiated a joint research project on intelligent spaces with Hashimoto lab. at the Institute of Industrial Science, the University of Tokyo.
Jul 2001 Increased capital stock to 150 million yen through the allocation of new stocks to third parties including venture capitals.
Jun 2001 The “error correction codec,” a self-developed application specific semiconductor won the outstanding performance award for the device sector of the LSI Design of the Year 2001.
Mar 2001 Increased capital stock to 40 million yen.
Jan 2001 Certified by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry as a certified new business promotion company.
Sep 2000 Presented “UB-safe,” a fingerprint authentication related product for display at the second AUTO ID EXPO.
Dec 1999 Increased capital stock to 20 million yen.
Jan 1999 Participated in the joint industry-university development project on terabit super-net (Ministry of International Trade and Industry, IPA) led by Yasuda lab. at the Research Center for Advanced Science and Technologies.

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